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To all my regular and new clients! 

THANK YOU so much for all of these heartfelt Testimonials, I really did not expect such amazing responses.  Each and everyone of you are truly AMAZING.  I feel honored that you have allowed me to be a part of your holistic healing process.  I will continue to be there for you in your quest for body wellness and just wanting to feel better each day!  


I was having chronic pain from my right elbow down towards my hand. I received a message from Chris who treated this issue, he told me that it was coming from my trapezius down my arm. During the touch of his hands he began to release the tightness of my muscles. It was like he knew exactly where to message and treat the problem area. After the message I felt like my muscles were so lose and my mobility in that arm was a lot more flexible then before I came to him. Afterwards he gave me my treatment plan to ensure the my best care for my problem.  I really recommend him to people who are having pain in any part of there body or just need a great message to release tight muscles and get blood circulating. Chris don't only care about the message but over all your treatment for your problems areas! Best message and care I had in my life!!!! 

Melissa,  Bay Area


Chris is very professional with great work ethics. I highly recommend him as a therapist.
He takes his time to get to know what you really need. You can also tell that he loves his job and loves to see his clients satisfied. He even checks up on you after the massage to see how you are doing and that is invaluable.

Yohana, Bellflower


I would highly recommend Chris, he was great at assessing my needs and provided wonderful services, he followed up with me and suggested some home care for my injury.  I have truly enjoyed his services! 

Miriam, Culver City


Chris' skill was a delightful surprise. I booked an appointment at my local goto massage vendor. I was expecting the usual, competent masseur but I was directed to a room and met Chris, a new practitioner. I found his treatment professional, insightful and most helpful. He knows what your body needs. And I found his treatment had lasting results. I wish I could afford treatments more often! 

Julie, Culver City


I have received deep tissue work for over 20 years. My deep tissue muscle therapist had to take a leave of absence leaving me to make other choices.  I was privileged to have Chris work on me at a time when I really needed it. What an healing session! Chris has amazing positive energy, technique and skill. My muscles and I thank him for the relief he gave.  I will not hesitate to call on him again! 

Lisa, Bay Area


I'd highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants a thorough helpful & comfortable relaxing massage, especially those with chronic pain/chronic illness or going through a lot of stress etc. He was very professional,sensitive to what my body could handle & was respectful & compassionate.  

Gabriel, Bay Area



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