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About Us

As we go through life, we often neglect our health and bodies.  I have decided to give back to humanity and do my best to help those who are in need!  Remember, take care of your muscles, and your muscles will take care of you!



The wonderful part about working with a Therapeutic Massage Therapist at "Just Breathe" is that we sit down with you prior to the massage, and speak with you on a personal level.  We really want t make sure we are addressing the important issues.  

~~Then we get to work!!!!

            HEALTH / FAIRS


We welcome the opportunity to offer CHAIR MASSAGE at all of your HEALTH FAIRS / EVENTS



We are set up to handle requests for Corporate Chair Massage.


It is actually a BIG DEAL NOW!!  Taking care of your employees is the best thing you can do for them!  It increases productivity, and they ultimately feel better about themselves!


There is no better way to treat your employees.  They will love you forever!! 

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